Types of Cosmetic Procedures You May Want To Consider This Year

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If you’ve been considering self-improvement this year,  have you thought about cosmetic dentistry options to restore that smile again? Cosmetic dentistry blends health and art to restore beauty and function to your teeth. At Valley View Dental, serving the Romeoville, Naperville, and Montgomery, IL area we have a staff of skilled cosmetic dentists who want to help you achieve your cosmetic and dental health goals.

Here are a few of the cosmetic dental procedures we offer.


Looking for a quick and easy cosmetic dentistry solution? In-office teeth whitening may be exactly what you need. In less than an hour, the skilled staff at Valley View Dental will have your smile looking up to eight shades brighter. This procedure doesn’t take long, but the results are well worth it – many patients go months before needing another whitening treatment. We also have an assortment of affordable take home whitening options for you too!


A chipped, gapped or broken tooth can be a distraction from an otherwise nice smile. The cosmetic dentists at Valley View Dental serving Romeoville, Naperville, and the Montgomery, IL area can fill in those unsightly spaces with a bonding material that is carefully matched to the rest of your teeth. The material starts out soft and pliable; after it’s sculpted it into place, it is hardened to become a strong and functional part of your dentition.


Perhaps the most dramatic of all cosmetic dental procedures, veneers from your cosmetic dentist have the ability to transform discoloration, crookedness and misshapen teeth into a Hollywood-worthy smile. Tiny sections of porcelain are made to fit over the front of the teeth, masking any and all cosmetic flaws.

These are just a few of the services our team of talented cosmetic dentists offers in RRomeoville, Naperville, and the Montgomery, IL area. Contact the Valley View Dental office closest to you to set up a consultation today!