September Is National Gum Care Month and We Have Some Healthy Tips for Your Smile!

Before we get distracted and busy with the upcoming holiday season, September is when we highlight National Gum Care Month, shining a spotlight on gum health. Your gums are essential to healthy teeth and unfortunately, more than half of adults are fighting some degree of gum disease that destroys teeth, gums, bones and connective tissue. Gum Disease Facts -Gum disease... read more »

Tips to Get Your Child’s Smile Ready for the New Back-to-School Year!

Summer is quickly winding down and it's time to prepare your child for the new back-to-school year! Getting your child registered for their classes and touring their new school is just the beginning. Your back-to-school supplies list probably includes everything from backpack, lunchbox, pencils and calculators, and the list probably goes on! During this busy time, we encourage you to... read more »

When Is the Best Age To Schedule My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

Your child's developing smile is important to us, and the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry concur that the best time to bring your child to their first dental visit is by the time they turn one. At that time, their primary teeth (baby teeth) have started coming in. Usually by around six months of age you will... read more »

Flossing Daily Benefits Your Teeth and Gums for a Healthier Smile!

Taking good care of your smile means cleaning your teeth every day to remove harmful oral bacteria from your teeth (and gum line). However, brushing only isn't designed to reach between teeth and around the gums. So when you brush, you're only cleaning part of your teeth. Fortunately, flossing is designed to clear out dental plaque. When you floss using... read more »

3 Cool Improvements You Can Make To Transform Your Smile This Summer!

Summer is a great time to make cosmetic changes to your smile so you'll be ready for all the fun summer brings! Whether you are attending weddings, going on vacation or gathering at parties with family, friends and coworkers, make sure your smile is "photo ready" so you can flash your pearly whites with pride! Do you have any of... read more »

World Laughter Day Celebrates Laughing Your Way to a Healthier Body and Smile!

Did you know that laughter (both spontaneous and self-induced) doesn't just elevate your mood, it changes body chemistry and brain function that can extend your life? Laughing can make you live longer by boosting your immune system. It's also great for your mental health by reducing stress, anxiety and brain fog. May 1st, 2022 is World Laughter Day -- an... read more »