Dr. Singh

Dr. Paul Singh

Dr. Paul Singh graduated from Romeoville High School in 1987. He attended..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Pradeep Khurana

Dr. Pradeep Khurana completed his Bachelor of Science degree at the..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Hazel Macanip

Dr. Macanip was born and raised in the Philippines and later moved to Tinley..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Catherine Rhim

Dr. Rhim earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Deepan Patel

Dr. Patel completed his Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Lawrence Toledano

Dr. Lawrence Toledano attended Centro Escolar University in the Philippines..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Elena Saha

Dr. Elena Saha completed her undergraduate training at Cornell..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Sheena Patel

Dr. Sheena Patel earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Florida before..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Homam Saadi

Growing up in a family of dentists where my most of my family members are..
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Dr. Lee

Dr. Jay Lee

Dr. Jay Lee completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Michael Ruen

Dr. Michael Ruen graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1993..
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Dr. Mendiola

Dr. Mark Mendiola

Mark Mendiola, DDS, earned his dental degree from..
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Dr. Shah

Dr. Dhaval Shah

Dr. Dhaval Shah was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Clarence Tang

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, US Navy, June 2008 to present..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Carmen V. Graves

Dr. Carmen V. Graves is a board-certified periodontist and..
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Dr. Singh

Dr. Phil Meehan

Dr. Phil Meehan, originally from Rockford, IL, received his bachelor’s degree..
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