Today’s Modern Dental Fillings Are Better Than Ever Before

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Dental fillings have come a long way since beeswax was used thousands of years ago and amalgam fillings (made with a mix of metals such as silver and mercury) have been used for more than 100 years now to repair teeth with cavities. Gold, porcelain, silver amalgam or composite resin fillings are popular today.

Don’t Ignore That Cavity

Cavities don’t simply get better on their own. If a tooth has any decay it will only continue to worsen, and if it spreads throughout the rest of the tooth it may require extraction.

While cavities start with a hole in the enamel (which has no nerves) you won’t know that you have decay until it reaches the tooth nerves and by then it is serious. That is why your routine dental checkups and cleanings are so important; they allow us to spot decay before it turns into a full-fledged cavity with tooth sensitivity, a severe toothache or even a dental abscess (infection). 

Treating cavities with a dental filling as soon as possible both saves and protects the affected tooth, and since today’s dental fillings are better than ever, they look and feel great in the mouth while also being better for your oral health! Dental fillings are perfect to repair a tooth that has minor to moderate damage, including a tooth that has a minor fracture or chipping. Today’s dentists typically use amalgam fillings and composite fillings.

Repairing the Tooth

Our skilled dentists work on saving your original teeth, repairing and restoring their appearance, strength and function without removing too much of a tooth’s structure. We are pleased to offer tooth-colored fillings made from a composite material using a bio-compatible mixture of plastic, silica, and glass ionomer. 

Composite fillings offer the following benefits:

-These tooth-colored fillings create a long-lasting bond with the remainder of the tooth’s structure so it doesn’t have to be any bigger than necessary to work properly. 

-Composite materials don’t pose the same risks that mercury can to your health.

-Unlike metal fillings that can develop cracks and fractures in the tooth as the metal continually expands and contracts when consuming hot and cold items, composite fillings flex as natural tooth enamel does.

-Composite fillings benefit from smoother edges so harmful plaque doesn’t build up as easily on them.

Filling a Cavity

When you come into our dental office to have a cavity repaired with a dental filling, it only takes one visit to have the tooth filled. You can look forward to having your cavity filled as comfortably as possible with the help of sedation to make your time in the chair relaxed. 

Our dentist begins by taking out all of the decayed parts of the affected tooth and cleaning it thoroughly so there is no remaining decay in the tooth. Next, the area will be filled using the chosen material and mold it to the shape of the tooth. Once that is done, the filling is then hardened so the restored tooth will function normally for years to come!

Call Today!

If you are noticing pain in a tooth please don’t ignore it! A dental filling is a simple, effective way to save the tooth and keep your smile looking and functioning as good as new. Our technologically advanced treatments offer you the best possible dental treatments for long-lasting smiles. If it has been a while since your last visit, we welcome you to give us a call today to schedule your routine dental cleaning and exam. Your smile will thank you!