Do Need an Oral Surgeon?

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If you have been experiencing discomfort in or around your mouth, call Valley View Dental to get it checked. If the pain is moderate or severe, and you have an urgent need to be seen as an emergency patient, we can get you in quickly. We can handle most dental injuries and offer both local and general anesthesia to make your experience painless.

When the teeth come through the gums, they sometimes do not come in straight, which can lead to many issues, including crowding. Any tooth in your mouth can come in crowded or uneven, but wisdom teeth especially are notorious for problems and often do not come in fully or even come through the gums. Crowding can cause sore gums and even infections.

Your dentist or oral surgeon at Valley View Dental might recommend getting your wisdom teeth pulled, even before they present any problems so that you can avoid more significant issues later.

TMJ is a jaw-joint issue that causes problems like pain in your jaw, jaw-popping, stiffness, and headaches. Oral devices, pain medication, physical therapy can help, but people with recurring problems may need oral surgery.
If your jaw or teeth aren’t aligned properly, your dentist may recommend orthodontic options to help with an overbite/underbite. Most often, orthodontics can correct your teeth if they don’t line up. But if your jaw causes it, time with an oral surgeon might be necessary.

Oral surgeons treat cancers, help with opening your airway, and with dental implants. Our oral surgeons can also help with the removal of lesions in or around your mouth. If you have problems with your teeth or gums, call Valley View Dental. Our oral surgeons can help!

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