What are the warning signs of gum disease?

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Could your gums be trying to warn you? It isn’t always easy to tell if there are problems. In fact, some people can have gum disease and never even know it!

This is why visiting a Valley View Dental location serving Romeoville, Naperville, and Montgomery, IL every six months for routine cleanings is so very important. Preventive dentistry ensures that you don’t have to face serious or potentially damaging dental problems down the road.




Of course, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may be dealing with gum disease

Red, inflamed gums
Gums that suddenly start bleeding more often
Receding gums (teeth will appear longer than usual)
Sore or tender gums
Chronic bad breath
Pus within the gums (usually in more advanced stages of gum disease)
Tooth sensitivity
Loose teeth or tooth loss
Discomfort when chewing

Causes of Gum Disease

While bacteria are always present in our mouths, it’s our job to brush and floss every day to keep plaque buildup down. Of course, if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene, then the plaque that remains on your teeth and along the gum-line can harden into tartar. Once plaque turns into tartar, only a professional cleaning done by our general dentists or hygienists can remove it. If you don’t come into our office for routine dental cleanings, this tartar will begin to irritate and inflame the gums.

Different Stages of Gum Disease

There are three stages of gum disease:

Advanced periodontitis
Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease. If we catch it during this stage, the condition can be treated and reversed. Of course, if you wait to seek treatment then you may be faced with more advanced stages of gum disease. Through treatments such as scaling and root planing, and good at-home care, we can help you manage your gum disease symptoms, prevent tooth and bone loss, and keep gums healthy.

Call Valley View Dental serving the Romeoville, Naperville, and Montgomery, IL area today if you are dealing with any of these symptoms. If caught early enough it can be treated and reversed, and the gum disease can be managed.