What Can Happen to Your Oral Health When You Ignore a Persistent Toothache?

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Toothaches aren’t fun under any circumstance and they can be serious. Whether you find yourself facing a toothache because of a cracked tooth, broken filling or an infection, you should never ignore it because the pain is telling you something is wrong and shouldn’t be ignored. Toothaches don’t heal on their own. If you have a tooth infection, ignoring it may lead to losing that tooth if the bacteria spread through the tooth’s roots (pulp). Catching it early enough means our dentist can perform a root canal to save the tooth. We can get rid of the harmful bacteria and damaged tissue and then seal it off from further decay with a dental crown.

Why You Don’t Want To Ignore a Toothache

Toothache from a bacterial infection: Should a painful infection spread from your mouth into your bloodstream, it can travel to the brain and lead to sepsis. A bacterial infection can also cause tooth loss through extraction if the abscess is bad enough.

Toothache from decay and cavities: When a cavity is treated early, it might only need a dental filling. If the untreated decay is extensive, you may need a dental crown to save the tooth or extraction if there’s not enough tooth enamel left to support a crown.

Toothache from an oral injury: You might have a cracked or broken tooth and not notice it,  inadvertently allowing harmful bacteria to get inside the tooth and spread until you feel the pain. 

Toothache from gum disease: Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for permanent teeth. It can develop slowly with time and unless you are maintaining routine dental cleanings and exams, you may not even know it’s happening, until there’s pain, redness and swelling of the gums. Caught early enough it can be reversed before you lose vital gum tissue.

Getting the Dental Care You Need

Don’t be afraid to seek routine dental treatments because of dental anxiety. offers sedation dentistry to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your time in the chair so your smile can get the care it needs. Keep all your routine dental cleanings and exams to help prevent a painful toothache from gaining traction. We welcome you to schedule a visit at one of our three convenient locations nearest you!